cute boys smoking pot

whatever cute boys i find smoking the reefer. Feel free to submit your own pics!


Da zob


Last summer, I made a Wilfred-style Gatorade “water pipe.” I smoked out of it countless times and it has since retired to my Trophy Shelf, along with various alcohol bottles. In order to keep smoking out of something, I made a 2.0 version of the same thing, except it wasn’t made nearly as well. After all, the original is always better. The third picture down (which I don’t know why my eyes are so wonky, but I guess that has something to do with my glasses?) is my Bigger Gatorade Bong. I know the top looks bigger, but that’s only perspective. I added a third picture for a size comparison. Anyway, I’m excited to break it in tonight. I think this will be the most successful one, yet! At least with this one, you don’t have to hold the bowl up while lighting. Each pipe has a choke, so you don’t have to try to take the incredibly hot bowl out. Also, the downstem hole is pretty dang tiny; it would take a lot to clear it. Time to try it out…

UPDATE: I added another picture. Smokes so fucking well. So smooth and so dense. This pipe will be a good one, I can tell.


My dealer’s sick bong